How to Write a Review on Google Places / Map

write a review on google for business place map

write a review on google for business place map

Google Places allows businesses to submit accurate listings and details about their business to Google so it reflects correctly on and Google Maps. Users can then locate specific businesses using Google search engine,Google Maps, and submit feedback or reviews on those businesses using Google Places. Writing reviews for businesses on Google Places will help other users determine whether or not they should frequent that business based on its positive and negative ratings. Here are steps to take on writing a review for Google Places, as well as basic review-writing tips and guidelines.

STEP1. Visit Google and search for the place/map to write a review.

write review on google place /map

STEP2. Click to Write a review.

write a review on google place_01

STEP 3. As you click write a review a window will pop on your screen to login your account.


Click to SIGN IN to login. If you already logged in google account ( gmail ) you can skip this step.

STEP 4.Enter your E-mail id and password to Sign in .

write a review on google place / map

STEP 5. After your login you will see the window as below

write a review on google place / map

Here you can rate the business place / map ,write your review in the box then click to POST.

write a review on google place_02

Here all you done.





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